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For many years, my father worked as an operations auditor for the Inter-Parcel Post
Service, back when it was still a thriving global courier with fleets of steamships
delivering packages and correspondences from Tokyo to Dublin and everywhere in between.

He often bragged about his travels around the world auditing the company’s
different branches and about all the clever systems he put in place to ensure that
every piece of mail reached its destination.
By the time overwhelming competition put Inter-Parcel out of business, he’d been
promoted to chief of delivery operations, working out of their home office in
Rotterdam, where he was given the final task of overseeing the dissemination of any
mail still in Inter-Parcel’s possession.

My father loved his work and he did his best to make sure every final piece of mail
found its way home. But there was one box in particular he made into his mission.
It contained a collection of unclaimed post cards found in one of the home office’s
PO boxes. They were sent from different locations from around the world with
beautiful illustrations, all addressed to “K”, and all but one signed, “Truly yours, Emi.”

I don’t know what’s become of the two correspondents. But it’s been my father’s
greatest disappointment that he was never able to find this “K”, despite poring
through company ledgers, putting up flyers and whatever else he could think of
doing over the years.

So now that he’s gone, I’ve taken up the search in the only way I know how—by
reproducing the post cards and sharing them with the world, in hopes that one day
Emi’s adventures might finally reach K, wherever that may be.

On my father's desk, I found the last postcard that Emi sent